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Welcome to the RO IT Systems PPM repository for the Perl SVG module Active State Perl for Windows

Active State PPM FAQ Need help with PPM? Look here first!

RO IT Systems SVG ftp server Examples, source code, previous versions, etc. Manuals Straight out of the POD

Installation Instructions

Make sure you already have perl or get it here

On the command line:

C:> ppm

PPM> set repository tmp
PPM> install SVG
PPM> quit

PPM Contents

Latest Release

30 Sept 2004
SVG.ppd The lates package description - Added 
SVG-2.30.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

Older Releases

SVG-2.29.ppd  Support for  Mozilla native SVG
SVG-2.29.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

SVG-2.28.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

SVG-2.27.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

SVG-2.26.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

SVG-2.25.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

SVG-2.24.ppd No animation for non-empty elements
SVG-2.24.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

SVG-2.23.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

SVG-2.22.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile

SVG-2.21.tar.gz The gzipped tarfile (script methods are broken)

SVG-2.2.tar.gz(Partial SVG::DOM implementation)


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