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(ASV3)An implementation of a drag-and-drop GIS authoring interface for geolocation data.
tank battle
(Fixed 22.05.02) Two players each control a tank using. This demonstration showcases the use of javascript with SVG to create truly dynamic SVG content which interacts with a server without losing state data. NB: As of 02.02.02 this game does not work 100% (Tanks can not shoot yet).
(IE6, NS?)A static SVG page which interacts with a perl-MySQL combination on a server to paint circles. This script is part of the tutorials on this site. Use the right mouse button to select a region. The database is queried and javascript in the SVG paints the circles on the screen that fall within the rectangle.
(IE.5.+, NS4.7+)The perlyroids SVG videogame. Based on the *roids game at KevLinDev, this is a fully playable copy of the famous arcade game. The game is 100% SVG and javascript, and is generated dynamically using pure perl.
(All viewers)Generates a tessalated pattern used as a fill for a polygon. A tessalated pattern is a pattern made two shapes are overlapped and repeated. In this case, two triangles are overlapped and tessalated, and the tessalated pattern they generate is used as a fill pattern for a polygon
(All viewers)A demonstration of a surface thermal map. Red is hot, blue is cold. Each loading of the image changes the mosaic size and changes the locations of the thermal maxima and minima
(All viewers)A scientific graphical plotting tool. Plot up to four datasets or curves
(All viewers) A take-off of the Sun text span and path demo, with eye candy
(All viewers) A derivative of a perl (yet another perl hack), a contrived way of using perl to spell out in the most complicated way possible.
Caution: This script is known to crash some browsers
(All viewers)A somewhat 70s starfield simuation derivative
(All viewers)A simple example of mouse events - a road selector. Click on the road type, and it gets highlighted.

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